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Fleet Management

Bynx Fleet Management Software

Maximising ROI and keeping you ahead of the game

Whether your fleet business is single or multi-brand, Bynx supports optimised fleet management.

Bynx has been designed from the ground up for fleet management and incorporates all industry standard best practices.

Made for local and multinational businesses

It has a multi-language user interface, multi-lingual document outputs, supports fines and tolls, road and sand tyres contract charging, multi-byte character sets (such as in China) and international fuel transactions.

Bynx provides a single platform for all the multinational markets in which your business may operate. It supports local and regional legal, fiscal and currency requirements. In particular, providing a transparent view into all cost information and financial data that you need to make intelligent financial decisions.

Download our Fleet-Management-as-a-Service (FMaaS) product sheet

Managing the money

Control costs, maintain vehicle asset value and adhere to duty-of-care responsibilities while enhancing customer service.

Manage all business processes involving drivers, track driver details online and retrospectively and link them to other processes such as billing and distances travelled, while adhering to data compliance (e.g. GDPR).

Accident management

In case the unfortunate happens, Bynx includes optimised accident or incident management to ensure the process is handled in accordance with duty-of care obligations and cost-efficiently.