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Control costs, streamline business, manage vehicles and mobility services more efficiently using our proven fleet, rental and leasing management platform.


Software without boundaries

We’ve a solid track record in helping fleet, leasing and mobility customers (just like you) to make the most of their vehicle assets. We’ve been doing so since 1989. In addition, Bynx enables you to become more efficient, improve customer service and the customer experience, and make informed business decisions based on data insights. No matter how many markets your company operates in or what type of leasing, fleet and mobility products and services you provide, Bynx helps streamline the process.

It’s software without boundaries because our platform doesn’t put restrictions on your business

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Bynx Software Solutions

Single, integrated platform – a source of the truth

With Bynx, you get everything you need in a single solution so it delivers an accurate and reliable source of the truth at any time – efficient processes, definitive information.

Tailored solutions for every scope and size of fleet

Alongside a fully configured, installed solution, Bynx is available as a fully managed service and a cloud-based option to cater for all types and sizes of company.

Multinational, multi-fiscal, compliant

Bynx is being used by local businesses and multinational companies globally.

Business intelligence

Bynx has a state-of-the-art, integrated reporting tool that turns data into insight.

You set the rules

Our rules engine and management enables you to set things up just the way you want. Register, define, classify and manage facts, permissions, mutual exclusions, preconditions and more.

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Vehicle Leasing & Finance

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Fleet Management

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Fleet Operators

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Short Term Hire & Daily Rental

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Car Sharing / MaaS

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Passenger Transport


Customer Focused

We care about customer loyalty and satisfaction and take pride in the quality of the service we provide. For more information or to talk to us about your fleet management or leasing software needs, call: +44 (0) 1789 471600, visit our contacts page for full details of our global offices or email us and we’ll contact you.


In Bynx, we found the SAP of mobility. This is what we present to the market and to our customers. The fact that Bynx helps us be a one-stop solution for them is an attractive choice.”

Managing Director, Fleet Renting (Mexico)

“Bynx has a track record of working with merged companies and guiding clients through the process of IT system consolidation and integration. Bynx is supporting our business mobility drive in certain European countries. The project was a true collaboration in every sense and delivered on time and to budget.”

Chief Information Officer Alphabet

“Alongside demonstrating a proven track record, Bynx ‘got’ what we were trying to do. They had the right software tool, were able to be flexible and offered a managed service. This has helped us create our leasing entity and manage it responsibly when leasing is, in fact, not our core business.”

Global Fleet DirectorPfizer

“Business moves rapidly in the UAE and Bynx enables us to launch new vehicles, packages and rental services quickly. In addition to great technology, Bynx stands out because of its people. They always work closely with us, are knowledgeable, flexible and deliver a solution tailor-made for our business.”

Chief Executive OfficerPayLess

“BT Fleet has been able to reduce its average repair bill by more than £500 and vehicle off road time by two days thanks to Bynx. The experienced Bynx engineers’ sole objective has been to reduce body shop costs and create a network of best repairers. The company also repairs more than 60% more panels than the national average.”

Chief Information Officer – BT Fleet

“Auxillis Group’s Fleet Services have chosen Bynx as our core systems partner as they were identified as the clear leaders in their sector. Bynx is an extremely powerful software solution allowing us to make critical business decisions quickly, with complete control and confidence.”

Managing DirectorAuxillis Group Fleet Services

“Upstream reporting, plus compliance and governance, are critical to our business and Bynx offers best practice functionality in those areas. The company’s guidance and advice on reporting at a transactional level, which is necessary for leasing, has also been invaluable.”

Managing DirectorVW Financial Services, South Africa

“We chose Bynx because of shared values in terms of customer service and how that is central to business development at AVIS Fleet Solutions. They understood and presented us with a coherent path that Bynx and their suite of products would take us down to get there in a short space of time.”

Financial Accountant and DirectorAVIS Fleet Solutions

We’ve been able to enhance our online ordering system for clients and can upload data more easily from third-parties such as insurance and fuel companies. All together Bynx is saving us a lot of time and money. We can now easily handle more reporting requests daily than we ever thought we’d be able to.”

Executive Director – StateFleet

We can now confidently tell our industry stakeholders that we will be providing greater flexibility in service delivery and a more individually tailored set of services and products.

Executive Director – Massar Solutions

In an attempt to standardise business processes, centralise servers and IT services, Business Lease and Bynx have undertaken one of the most ambitious multinational deployments using Bynx technology. It has created a platform that is secure, robust and scalable.

ICT Director – Business Lease

We chose Bynx because it enabled us to consolidate all our activities onto a single platform, which gave us greater flexibility and higher capacity. It was critical that we chose a software solutions company with a class-leading product pedigree, solid future and local presence. Bynx meets all three criteria and their high-tech solution transforms behind-the-scenes operations at Motiva while providing state-of-the-art functionality for customers.

Chief Information Officer – Motiva


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