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Vehicle Leasing and Finance

Bynx Leasing & Finance

Agile, adaptable and configurable

The whole ethos of Bynx is to make your business more efficient and profitable – whether you operate in one market or multi-nationally.

Optimising your sales efforts

We do this by enabling you to better manage the sales process, your vehicle assets and customer contracts.

Bynx enables you to quickly and professionally engage with potential new customers, capture sales information, offer quotes, set credit worthiness and seamlessly convert prospects into customers.

Bynx also manages quotations by simplifying the process and clearing the way to optimised pricing. You can manage customer and prospect profiles, monitor, track and amend quotes, define commercial terms, configure vehicle data and ensure accurate pricing – all within Bynx.

You can access and download our full Vehicle Leasing & Finance Product Sheet here…..

Increasing profits while boosting client satisfaction

The positive procurement management within Bynx enables you to secure the correct vehicle, in the right location, with the exact specification, at the best price.

The contract management element within Bynx ensures all information is accurate and consistent and that every customer record is the same across the board – no more inaccuracies or duplicate entries.

With all the information at your fingertips, you can manage contract changes effortlessly, plus payment schedules and billing transactions.

Protecting cashflow and profitability

Finance is the engine of every business so Bynx enables you to keep it running smoothly. Specifically designed for the financial operation of a fleet or mobility sector business, Bynx accurately manages assets, billing and cashflow in line with internal and statutory reporting requirements, which are always up-to-date.

Bynx helps you maximise residual values and at the end of the lease or finance contract, Bynx ensures everything is closed off and terminated precisely, with care and in a timely manner so that you don’t lose profits. This is also true for early terminations.

Perfect for multinational operations

Bynx is multi-lingual, multi-fiscal, multi-currency, multi-byte language and Arabic-enabled and supports international treatments for fuel, fines and tolls.

Securing compliance

We also support the latest requirements in terms of vehicle regulations and data privacy (e.g. GDPR) and thus minimise your legal exposure.