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This page contains documents that we think you’ll find useful and informative and that are available to download including white papers, articles and sales and marketing literature. We will be adding more as they become available so keep coming back.

White Papers

Expert views and opinions, fact and stats about asset finance & vehicle management:

Latest White Papers

Fleet Futures - the grey area of grey fleet
Bynx The Electric Future of Fleet
World Leasing Year Book 2020 - Bynx article
Vehicle Fleet Leasing in Russia, Dec 2019
Vehicle Fleet Leasing in Central Europe, Oct 2019
Vehicle Fleet Leasing in Canada - June 2019
The Nordics - an overview of the fleet leasing market
Exciting Times for Fleet Leasing in China
The State of Fleet Leasing in the Gulf States
Fleet Leasing Market in Australia - get up to speed
A candid look at the fleet leasing market in South Africa
Asset Finance Pricing Review (Oct 2017) focus on fleet leasing in MEXICO

White Paper Archive

How to Boost Asset Finance Pricing Performance

Why now is the best time to review RVs

AFI Pricing Review - how the Italians are accelerating towards growth

Product Sheets

Please select your brochure from the list of Bynx Solutions modules below:

Latest Product Sheets

Bynx Vehicle Leasing and Finance Product Sheet
Bynx MI (management information) Product sheet
Bynx Short-term Rental Management Product sheet
Bynx FMaaS Product sheet
Bynx Carpool Product sheet
Changing mobility landscape

Product Sheet Archive


Here are some articles we like – and we thought you might too:

Latest Articles

Vehicle Subscriptions - a new challenge to the old way of leasing cars
Multi-bid Fleet Funding
The Importance of Fleet Rightsizing
15 Tips for Grey Fleet Management
major enhancements to technology stack in v12.13
Enhancements and new apps in Bynx v12.8
Changing mobility landscape
Telematics in fleet management
International Challenges for Vehicle Leasing Businesses

Articles Archive

Difference in management between vehicle rental and leasing

Fleet Europe - Fleet Focus - technology (2011)