Tia Norton Enjoys further Team GB success

Along with her team mates at the Women’s Europeans Championships

We’re a sporty lot at Bynx – and so are our kids it seems. At times like these it’s good to have something to smile about – so go Tia Norton and Team GB!

Our long-serving systems administrator Jonathan Norton is the proud Dad of Tia, British doubles number 1, along with her GB coach and team mate Carolina Prado, in Padel Tennis.

And along with Padel Tennis brand NOX, Bynx is delighted to sponsor her.

Padel Tennis is the fastest growing sport in Europe and demands fitness, speed and athleticism from players. A fusion of tennis and squash, much like racket-ball, it’s played in pairs, over a net, on a slightly smaller tennis court. The game is scored the same as tennis, but the ball can be played off the walls.

Tia has been playing Tennis since she was 7-years-of-age and Padel Tennis since she was 12. She’s trained hard, and along with team mates, worked her way up to champion status. She was part of the Ladies GB Team that won European Ladies Bronze at the 2019 FIP European Championships in Rome.

She is currently training for the 2020 World Women’s Championships, scheduled to be held in Qatar later this year (all being well).

Go Tia!

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