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Fleet Management / Fleet Management-as-a-Service

Bynx enables you to streamline your fleet business and empowers you to do things more efficiently and quickly while also controlling costs. Many fleet processes are automated and record keeping made easier – no more digging through filing cabinets or bits of paper. All-in-all, we allow you to focus on delivering exceptional customer service without spending more on doing so. Want to find out more about our fleet management solution?

Car Sharing / MaaS / TaaS

Car Sharing / Car Pooling, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), Transportation-as-a-Services (TaaS), single or multi-location, Peer-2-Peer – the success of these services relies on your ability to manage vehicle assets positively. This results in them being maintained in the best condition. You can get the most out of them and your customers have confidence in your ability to deliver services. Bynx helps you do all this, while assuring profits and ensuring compliance and duty-of-care obligations. Want to understand more about Bynx and Car Sharing?

Short-term Hire and Daily Rental

Locations, branches, vehicle categories, reservations – Bynx is a proven platform that allows you to manage all of this, plus the lifecycle of your vehicles and new mobility initiatives of car “usership”. You can do it simply, efficiently and cost-effectively. So, now all you have to focus on is delivering a great service. Here’s where you can find out more about our short-term and daily rental solution….

Fleet Operator

Management of your own fleet – your fleet is, in effect, a tool of your trade, enabling you to deliver on your promises to your customers. Alongside giving you everything you need to manage your fleet, Bynx helps lessen the risks and costs associated with owning or running vehicles. It keeps you compliant and addresses duty-of-care responsibilities. Are you a fleet operator? Get more details here….

Passenger Transport

Locations, Chauffeurs & Trips, Hail and Ride, Tariffs, Routes – Bynx gives you just one solution to manage many different types of passenger transportation so you can focus on getting passengers from a-to-b. Manage the whole fleet, plus locations and trips, tariffs and routes. Bynx makes the complex simple and doable but don’t take our word for it, get more details here……

Vehicle Leasing & Finance

Full Service Operating Lease, Financial Lease, Personal Leasing – no matter what type of lease you provide, in one country or many, Bynx enables you to manage the contract and the full lifecycle of the vehicle – from procurement to disposal – using just one platform. This helps optimise your sales efforts, heighten client satisfaction and protect profits. To understand more about our solution for vehicle leasing and finance, we have a dedicated page here……..