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Short Term Hire and Daily Rental

Bynx Fleet Hire

Innovative automation to achieve greater success

Bynx enables you to manage your vehicles in such a way that they continue to deliver the optimum return on investment for your short-term rental business.

Making you more responsive

From acquisition, allocation, movement and invoicing – you can rely on Bynx to deliver the information that enables you to be nimble and able to respond quickly to market opportunities and conditions.

Supporting new mobility options

Yours is a fast-paced world, we know that. Demand for car usership is a growth opportunity in an ever-changing mobility landscape and you need to support the many ways in which customers choose to book, through a variety of touchpoints – phone, online or automated apps.

Bynx is a fast and responsive platform that interfaces with third-party applications. This makes it easy for you to perform regulatory data checks. You can define utilisation and tariff rules, track vehicle usage, optimise deployment, provide your customers with accurate billing and information in real-time.

Download our Short-term Rental Management product sheet.


A happy operator is a productive one so we’ve made Bynx intuitive and easy to use so that they feel empowered and confident in doing their job. It also minimises training requirements and helps increase motivation.

Deliver the highest standard of service at the lowest possible cost.

Stay ahead of the competition and make it easy for customers to book, pay and go.

Better cost control and vehicle lifecycle management.