Remarketing and Compliance in the spotlight with Bynx 12.9

Bynx 12.9 makes it easier and less expensive for customers to control and monitor resale activity

Bynx has released version 12.9 of its flagship fleet and mobility management platform (also called Bynx) with new, improved design and functionality that enables businesses to be more intuitive and streamlined. It also greatly improves customer communication.

“With each new release, we stay ahead of market changes and respond directly to customer feedback and requests. Nowhere is that more reflected than in this release.” Says Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director at Bynx.

Addressing vehicle remarketing

In Bynx 12.9, advanced controls and monitoring further assist resale activity. The existing online purchasing of vehicle assets has been enhanced to better support online auctions.

Says Jefferies: “Better remarketing helps achieve the best returns on disposal vehicles and optimise contract margins. Bynx enables customers to have better visibility of vehicle assets in the disposal channels and enables remarketing without having to interface with third-party applications. This means transaction fees are avoided or considerably reduced, plus it delivers a reduction in stock days.”

Alongside a fully functional remarketing module and Disposal Stock Book, Bynx also covers: vehicle movements, inspections, multi-channel sales buying and online ‘closed’ auction sales. There is a supplemental Inspections app that enables vehicle inspections to be carried out via a mobile device anytime and anywhere. New compliance patterns and diagrams, covering a wide range of vehicles, keeps the focus on vehicle safety rather than just damage.

Bynx 12.9 also provides its own Broker application that can be used by external or third-party operatives working. It tracks progress and logs commissions.

Additional new functionality and benefits of Bynx 12.9 include:

  • Advanced compliance with WLTP legislation.
  • Enhanced usability and productivity across a number of modules.
  • Further responsiveness through improved third-party interfaces.
  • Vehicle remarketing reengineered for improved usability and task management.
  • Strengthened reporting capability.

Bynx 12.9 includes enhancements to interfaces and reporting capability to enable customers to comply more easily with WLTP legislation. Electronic VAT returns (mandated by the UK’s HMRC and introduced in 12.8) have also benefited from this change.

Overall usability has been refined to help reduce the time it takes for operatives to familiarize themselves with the platform and increase productivity.

Jefferies explains: “Confident operatives are more productive, plus willing and able to increase their workloads. At its core, Bynx has a powerful Oracle database and our development team works hard to allow customers to exploit that power while removing the complexity.”

In Bynx 12.9, the database has been rationalised so it’s more logical and consistent. Interfaces to third-party providers, such as SMR (service, maintenance and repair) are faster so customers can be more responsive.

Electronic invoice functionality is much improved. The process is now more efficient and involves less work.

Not every country is the same in how they search for vehicles. To address this, in Bynx 12.9 customers have a choice to search for a vehicle using either the registration plate or VIN. This is important in certain markets where number plate formats are not standardised and can vary state-to-state.”

To address market demand for making sense of Big Data, overall reporting capability – a key strength in Bynx – is also improved in this release. Customers can now use the platform to report vehicle inspection data, alongside a raft of other critical fleet and mobility intelligence.

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