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Passenger Transport

Bynx Transport

Innovative solutions for the mobility world

Whether you operate a bus company, limousine business, ride hailing, chauffeuring services, contract for transportation route, some or all of the above, Bynx helps you manage your vehicles in the most optimised and efficient way, automating many processes and easing the headaches of compliance and duty-of-care so you can focus on getting passengers and customers to their chosen destinations on time.

One platform, many capabilities

Alongside managing the financial and lifecycle aspects of running fleets of vehicles, Bynx also helps optimise procurement and provides and single platform for recording all contract, vehicle, driver and journey data.

Additionally, Bynx allows you to:

  • Managing all these different types of “Passenger Transportation” products and services from one solution.

  • Use Bynx’s pricing engine for cost complex transport contracts and manage trip and route tariffs.

  • Take bookings and fulfill one-off reservations through to managing multi-year daily passenger route contracts.

  • Allocate vehicles and drivers to jobs, as well as manage other ancillary and safety components.

  • Check-in and check-out your assets and driver activity to ensure contractual commitments are met.

Bynx links to or integrates with third-party, external passenger transport apps so you can bring customer data into the system too. It’s flexible, so you can use your own suite of modules to manage contracts and reservations or you can integrate your own customer facing app anywhere you have unique or proprietary touchpoints.