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Mobility Management

Smart, scalable & sustainable ways to optimize your mobility fleet

Mobility as a service (MaaS) is an idea whose time has come.

It helps make the planet greener by curbing car ownership and lets customers choose the way they travel flexibly.

Whether you operate a micro-mobility fleet with escooters, a pool of corporate mobility executive vehicles, or even commercial trucks, Bynx MaaS comprehensive fleet management platform that helps you:

  • reduce costs
  • enhance profits
  • stay compliant in any jurisdiction
  • capitalize on new mobility innovations

Sounds like the targeted tech you need by your side? Let’s get moving.

Bynx Carpool Catalyses New Business

Bynx MaaS carpool can help you find clever new management angles for the following mobility operators

Fleet leasing

Want to consolidate and grow your leasing fleet? Perhaps you can help customers use their fleets more efficiently with our car sharing/carpool option?

Fleet Management

MaaS/Carpool can help your customers extract the most value from existing vehicles and maximise profitability as their fleets grow.

Fleet Operators

Are you mobility ready? When you’re leasing hundreds of vehicles, Carpool can help you make sure that you’re using your fleet efficiently in the medium to long-term. It can benefit any kind of fleet operators – but it’s particularly pertinent for those paid by the public purse.

Short-term rental

Want to build in resilience to seasonal care hire spikes? Make sure that every part of your broad and deep daily hire fleet is turning a profit? Since you already hire cars from 1 day-11 months, making hourly hire available through car sharing is a customer-pleasing extension to your flexible offering.

Wider MaaS Benefits

Managing TCO and your vehicle pool

By improving workflows, increasing efficiencies and monitoring support and maintenance costs, our fleet management platform can help you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) across your vehicle pool. TCO variables like depreciation, fees and taxes, financing, fuel (or charging), compliance, maintenance and repairs all add up to have a huge impact on your operation. But Bynx helps you keep track of every detail to maximise the lifetime value of your vehicles.

Fleet Visibility & Availability

When you’re leasing/operating a large fleet, or wish to offer mobility services, knowing your fleet’s precise makeup and the availability status of individual vehicles can be complex. With Bynx, this vital information is at your fingertips – meaning that you can offer customers or employees increasingly flexible, innovative (and profitable) services. Whether you’re a fleet operator who needs to deploy a specialist vehicle at short notice at a particular location, or a short-term hire firm who wants to offer a luxury vehicle for a few hours on a given day, mobility management takes your customer experience to another level.

Ever evolving & adapting

Fleet movement is changing rapidly. You might be electrifying your fleet now or in the near future, pivoting your offer to appeal to an emerging market like micro-mobility, or expanding your fleet so that you can provide different services under the same brand. And as EV and tech in general evolves, you might even be offering self-driving or flying cars at some point! By nature, the mobility market is relentlessly fluid – our MaaS solutions help you stay ahead of the curve.

You want mobility management that’s built to last and agile enough to help you navigate a highly competitive sector – Bynx fits the bill brilliantly.

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