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Managing mobility and transport as a service

Bynx Car Share

Ensuring profits, compliance, duty-of-care and vehicle utilisation

When managing mobility and transport as a service, your car sharing scheme, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) or Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) gives customers, employees and citizens more choice in how they travel. It also helps cut down on the need for car ownership and makes the environment better by reducing congestion and pollution.

Perhaps you offer these services in order to fulfil the growing interest in smarter mobility. Whatever your motivations, you still need to manage vehicles and Bynx helps you do just that. We can also help you optimise the utilisation, revenue earning potential and management of pool cars using Bynx CarPool. Check out a demonstration video here. 

Keeping vehicles available and in the best condition

The vehicles you have available must be safe and well maintained to comply with laws, regulations and customer expectations. They may need to comply with different regulations in each country in which you operate and be licensed and insured.

You must be able to mitigate the risks associated with running a fleet while controlling costs to secure profitability.

A single fleet management platform that does everything

Bynx is a single management platform that does all this for you. All the elements of vehicle lifecycle management are provided as in-platform apps. You have a single source of the truth (a single record for each vehicle, customer and transaction) that is populated across every element – from maintenance and asset management, driver and vehicle licensing, fines, fuel and tyre management to billing and financials – and more.

Addressing the needs of the global mobility industry