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Fleet Operators

Bynx Fleet Operators

Interpreting data to manage your business

Bynx gives you the ability to manage all stakeholders, plus individual drivers and vehicles too.

The solution enables you to structure driver and supplier portals, giving them secure access to the data and information they need.

It simplifies processes connected with vehicle operation, which cuts costs, saves time, increases productivity and ensures you negate or mitigate risk, plus adhere to duty-of-care and other responsibilities in all of the countries in which you operate.

Optimised fleet management

Bynx also helps you optimise vehicle utilisation and deal with maintenance in a stress-free way. Never before have you been able to control costs quite so easily.

Driver and vehicle information is linked to other parts of the system, such as billing, which makes processing faster and more accurate overall.

A single source of the truth

Odometer readings are linked with fuel card records and other financial information. You and your stakeholders can have a much greater understanding and overview of the true cost of vehicle ownership and operation.

Bynx also manages the acquisition, movement, allocation and invoicing for any interim or short-term rental vehicles you may require temporarily.

Supporting mobile workforces

Bynx helps you control and organise vehicles and mobile workforces.

Stress-free and accurate accident management

Should an accident occur, Bynx gives you the tools, applications, forms and processes to manage it cost-effectively, properly and sensitively.

Vehicle disposal/remarketing

Bynx has an integrated Disposal module, which makes maximising the remarketing of vehicles easier – no matter what channel you choose (auction, retail or trade sales).

Legal compliance

With Bynx, you will always be compliant. We keep our system up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements – including data compliance (e.g. GDPR).