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Bynx testimonials

Here are some of the things our customers say about us………

In Bynx, we found the SAP of mobility. This is what we present to the market and to our customers. The fact that Bynx helps us be a one-stop solution for them is an attractive choice.”

Managing Director, Fleet Renting – Mexico.

“Bynx has a track record of working with merged companies and guiding clients through the process of IT system consolidation and integration.

Bynx is supporting our business mobility drive in certain European countries. The project was a true collaboration in every sense and delivered on time and to budget.”

Chief Information Officer Alphabet

“Alongside demonstrating a proven track record, Bynx ‘got’ what we were trying to do. They had the right software tool, were able to be flexible and offered a managed service. This has helped us create our leasing entity and manage it responsibly when leasing is, in fact, not our core business.”

EMEA Regional Fleet DirectorPfizer

“Business moves rapidly in the UAE and Bynx enables us to launch new vehicles, packages and rental services quickly. In addition to great technology, Bynx stands out because of its people. They always work closely with us, are knowledgeable, flexible and deliver a solution tailor-made for our business.”

Chief Executive OfficerPayLess

Bynx and the enhancements we have made to it have given us key market advantages and allowed us to meet new business challenges in rapid timescales.”

Chief Information Officer – BT Fleet Solutions

“Auxillis Group’s Fleet Services have chosen Bynx as our core systems partner as they were identified as the clear leaders in their sector. Bynx is an extremely powerful software solution allowing us to make critical business decisions quickly, with complete control and confidence.”

Managing DirectorAuxillis Group Fleet Services

“Upstream reporting, plus compliance and governance, are critical to our business and Bynx offers best practice functionality in those areas. The company’s guidance and advice on reporting at a transactional level, which is necessary for leasing, has also been invaluable.”

Managing DirectorVW Financial Services, South Africa

“We chose Bynx because of shared values in terms of customer service and how that is central to business development at AVIS Fleet Solutions. They understood and presented us with a coherent path that Bynx and their suite of products would take us down to get there in a short space of time.”

Financial Accountant and DirectorAVIS Fleet Solutions

Case Studies

Avis Fleet Solutions

Modernising fleet services with technology

AVIS Fleet Solutions Ireland has made technology a key enabler for growth and innovation. Setting high standards for customer service is part of the company’s DNA and bynx is its chosen platform.

The company is part of the Denis Mahony Group, a business owned and run by the highly respected Mahony family since the 1950s. Established in 1966, Denis Mahony Contract Rentals was the first dedicated motor leasing business in the country specialising in the contract hire and fleet management of motor vehicles. In 1991 it became AVIS Fleet Services’ licensee in Ireland. The name has since changed to AVIS Fleet Solutions.

Brian Tobin, financial accountant and director of AVIS Fleet Solutions, explains: “Although this gave us great prominence, it also challenged us to up our game. We were losing out to larger competitors in tenders because of the limitations of our existing technology. We’d put ourselves at the forefront of finding ways to reduce the costs and risks associated with vehicle ownership but our technology was letting us down.”

The key elements that make the difference between a ‘front runner’ and ‘an also ran’, certainly in the vehicle management sector, are the systems and technology that underpin the business.

BT Fleet Solutions

Soothing complexity for BT Fleet Solutions

BT Fleet Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of BT, is a leading provider of UK-wide, integrated fleet management and maintenance solutions. It manages 65,000 vehicles: 30,000 of its own and 35,000 on behalf of customers and external third-parties, among them some of the largest and most complex operational fleets in the UK. Many of these fleets incorporate a variety of vehicles: cars, light and heavy commercial, alongside specialist plant and machinery, which adds to management complexity.

Sending out service reminders or MOT alerts, for example, would be a full-time job for several people if it were not for BT Fleet Solutions enterprise-wide, unified, computer solution based on Bynx.


Bynx gives a helping hand to Helphire’s future-proofed platform

Founded in 1992, Helphire is one of the UK’s fastest growing vehicle accident management companies. Working in conjunction with insurance companies, Helphire provides consumers who have been involved in no-fault accidents with like-for-like replacement vehicles. It manages a UK-wide, diverse fleet, in excess of 15,000 vehicles – from scooters and motorbikes to prestige marques and commercial vans.

In 2004 and 2005, Helphire Group plc acquired Albany Assistance Limited and Swift Prestige Hire respectively, which considerably increased the company’s fleet and added complexity to the business. Each company operated a different system for fleet and accident management. Compacting this growth were a number of commercial and business challenges that had to be addressed.  The company’s business change programme included a fleet service project, which focused on consolidating its disparate vehicle management systems into one, new and unified platform that would provide a single view of its entire fleet and facilitate continued growth. It chose Bynx as its system partner.


Bynx software – an engine in Europe for Alphabet’s drive into business mobility

Bynx software is the platform that underpins Alphabet’s business mobility operations in France, Spain, Italy and Poland.

When Alphabet, the fleet management division of BMW Group, bought ING Car Lease in 2011, Bynx had been providing the incumbent with a fleet management solution for several years. ING was one of the first vehicle leasing businesses to roll out a single Bynx system across its entire European operation. At the same time, the product was one of the few such platforms available that could do so while also supporting cross border operation, fiscal and regulatory requirements alongside different languages in each country.

Being involved with one of the largest contract hire companies in the world was an exciting prospect for Bynx and a challenge.

State Fleet

Australia’s premier fleet management operation

Bynx is at the heart of StateFleet’s three-year transformation from a New South Wales government department to one of the largest and most progressive vehicle asset managers in Australia.

StateFleet is the largest government-owned, full-service, fleet leasing organisation in Australia. Formed by the New South Wales (NSW) government in 1990, it now owns and manages around 27,000 vehicles and offers a complete mix of services to customers state-wide: leasing, fleet, pool car and accident management, plus a full range of rental vehicles.

Massar Solutions

In 2005, Abu Dhabi-based Al Wathba Company for Central Services (AWCCS) turned up the heat on its ambitious plans to become the leading provider of vehicle, plant and equipment solutions in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). It has since changed it’s name to Massar Solutions but is still a valued Bynx customers. It was a bold move and the company knew it would take a lot of guts, determination and investment in new technology. It chose Bynx and Oracle as its solution partners because of a shared culture, skilled approach and ‘can do’ attitude.

Business Lease

Towards the end of 2009, Dutch-based Business Lease Group finalised the successful implementation of the Bynx vehicle leasing and fleet management system across their European operations. It was the conclusion of a mammoth project to get all of its operations in different countries onto the same, standardised software platform and it required a great deal of strategic forethought, planning and a partnership approach from Bynx and the customer.


Pfizer is one of the world’s largest and most successful biopharmaceutical companies. Its research has lead to breakthroughs in and drug treatments for chronic and life-threatening conditions across the globe. The company owns and operates 32,000 vehicles in 91 countries, most of which are ‘job-need’ means of transport essential to Pfizer’s current business model. But when vehicle leasing and management is not your core business, what’s the best medicine for getting it right?

In this case, Pfizer established its own vehicle leasing hub to reduce fleet costs and set about coordinating regional and global fleet management policies, promoting mobility management, lessening unnecessary travel and lowering emissions. It turned to Bynx for technology and fleet financial reporting as a managed service through Bynx’s serivces.