Bynx Extends its Fully Managed Service, Strengthens Security and brings in new business

Bynx Software SolutionsDelivering customers a highly-secure and comprehensive managed solution

Bynx, global business solutions provider to the vehicle fleet, leasing and rental management sectors, today announced details of an extension to its fully managed service and new business as a result. The company has teamed up with more Tier IV hosting providers to offer the highest possible levels of security and has signed up several new customers.

The hosting providers include: Pharos, C24 and Echo.

In addition to high security, the fully managed service provides customers with a

comprehensive solution, including: hardware, infrastructure, connectivity and accessibility. It is being offered as an alternative to the traditional implemented system, which they would have to manage and secure themselves. A managed service is preferable for customers so they can focus on core business and not managing IT systems.

Infrastructure Monitoring

The service provides 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, automated backups (daily, with monthly retention) and snapshot data updates to another environment. It includes full database and software technology management and complete functionality of the bynxFLEET application (Bynx’ flagship product).

“Some customers want a quick and easy solution and we’ve been offering this for years. We’ve made it even simpler to use.” Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director at Bynx, explains. “We’ve extended it with added security and easier access via a simple icon on customers’ desktops. It takes them straight into the Bynx application where they can enjoy all the functionality they need, plus access information, records and histories.”

Cost effective fleet management

The system is highly cost-effective as customers pay via a fixed monthly fee. Additionally, it negates the need to employ staff with specific IT skills, which can be expensive. Furthermore, they save the cost of buying hardware (which they would have to replace in five years) and paying for accessibility.

“One of our clients has calculated they can save £100K on hardware, connectivity and in-house IT over five years.” Jefferies states.

Other benefits are that hardware and software obsolescing, and paying for upgrades becomes a thing of the past. There are no procurement worries associated with having to deal with and manage multiple vendors. This also avoids getting involved in costly, time-consuming tendering practices such as RFI (Request for Information). The system can be implemented cost-effectively and up and running quickly.

Multi-level approach to security

Security has been hardened through Bynx employing a multi-level approach and partnering with high-tier providers, based in the same country or region as the customers. All have been keenly vetted and chosen for their understanding of business critical transactional applications and not merely hosting websites.

“We wanted a true partner set up and it’s already paid off, explains Jefferies. “We had one incident with a customer in which one of their disks went down but the system continually monitors so we knew about it before they did and were able to deal with it without any interruption for the customer.”

In another incident, the client needed more server space but they’d no idea their existing capacity was inadequate. The problem was flagged by the system, spotted by Bynx and dealt with. We increased disk capacity without additional cost or incident to the client.

“This is the sort of thing a managed service is for. We and our hosting partners are continually monitoring so that we spot these things before they become a problem. Left to their own devices and employing perhaps only one IT resource, these incidences would almost certainly have resulted in downtime. This Bynx service reduces the risk of being dependent purely on internal IT resources.” Jefferies concludes.

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