Business benefits of a more engaged fleet supply chain

Fleet supply chain benefits

Self-service tools and apps could make all the difference

What would the benefits for fleet operators be if their supply chain were more consultative and supportive of them and their drivers?

And what would it take for the fleet supply chain to be this way?

Easing the challenges of fleet operation

We believe the fleet supply chain can and should be more engaged, which is why we’ve invested in building the tools they need to be so. Such tools include self-service apps that suppliers can offer their customers as a value-added service.

The role of the fleet manager has changed (and continues to evolve), as have the requirements of fleet operators. They are now faced with challenges never before envisioned, such as continuously expanding regulation, environmental demands, a constant focus on economical improvements and operational efficiencies, plus the dynamic and ever-changing needs of customers.

All these challenges can be simplified, reduced or eased by an engaged supply base.

Supporting fleet customers and adding value

The supply chain into fleet is vast, and although operating on slim margins, has a wealth of resources customers could tap into. Key players in the fleet supply chain are also looking for ever more innovative ways to differentiate from the competition.

Supporting customers by providing value-added tools would help them achieve this in meaningful ways.

Many in the fleet supply chain, which can consist of: parts suppliers and fast-fit shops, OEMs, dealers, fleet management companies, lease companies, brokers, and so on, are keen to promote the fact that they provide more than just product and are actually offering ‘a service’ to the fleet.

Were this service to include the provision of tools to run their fleet, not just the supply of metal, funding, SMR (service management and repair), it would mean so much more to customers.

In today’s digital world, all areas of the supply chain should be able to provide self-service tools, which enable the end-user customer to better manage their fleet, and not just the part of the fleet supplied by that individual supplier, but all of the fleet.

Key benefits of an engaged supply chain

For fleet customers, however, having a single fleet management platform on which to manage the whole of the supply chain, plus aggregate and consolidate all the data coming in from suppliers, can bring enormous benefits, plus strengthen the competitive nature of supply.

For suppliers, differentiation and reinforced ties with the customer make for a good, long-term relationship.

In a business like fleet, which heavily relies on third-party relationships and dealings, collaboration is key to success. Technology makes it possible to provide tools to facilitate the alliance and make it even more valuable.

Does your fleet management software platform provide self-service tools?

What do you think? Should suppliers be more engaged? Let us know your thoughts.

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