Bynx software solutions for global and multinational vehicle leasing and fleet management markets

Bynx delivers years of best practice in automotive vehicle management

Our flagship product bynxFLEET enables you to do more, more efficiently, with fewer resources.

It empowers you to maximize the lifetime value of your vehicle assets, cut costs, become more efficient overall and manage your whole fleet, contract hire or rental operation using a single unified leasing application. Systems are the bedrock of expansion in asset finance. Many of our customers manage all their lease contracts across the globe or multinationally using our solution. It’s scalable so no matter how fast your business grows it grows with you.

Real competitive advantage for you and your business.                 

bynxFLEET is supplemented by bynxNET, bynxMOBILE​ and bynxMI delivering the technology and functionality your business needs to get to the next level, online and into the world of mobile apps. bynxSERVICES​ offers a suite of value-added resources to help optimize your business and get the most out of your management technology. 

bynxFLEET Fleet ManagementbynxNET - engaging all stakeholders with online fleet management bynxSERVICES logo  

Customer focused

We care about customer loyalty and satisfaction and take pride in the quality of the service we provide. For more information or to talk to us about your fleet management or leasing software needs, call: +44 (0) 1789 471600, visit our contacts page for full details of our global offices or email us and we’ll contact you. 




"bynxFLEET and the enhancements we have made to it have given us key market advantages and allowed us to meet new business challenges in rapid timescales."


"Auxillis chose Bynx as our core systems partner as it was identified as the clear leader in its sector."
- Managing Director


"Alphabet (formerly ING Car Lease) uses bynxFLEET in the car lease business units in Italy, France, Poland, Spain and the UK....working with Bynx consultants, Alphabet will migrate the portfolio of our recent acquisitions in France and UK to their latest version; thereby achieving a clear differentiator in the market with a truly pan-European product platform."

"The Bynx platform has enabled us to efficiently scale our business using leading-edge resilient technology."
- Director of Information Solutions

"We can now confidently tell our industry stakeholders that we will be providing greater flexibility in service delivery and a more individually tailored set of services and products."
- Executive Director

"We chose Bynx and Oracle as our solution partners because of a shared culture, skilled approach and 'can do' attitude. The system has helped bring about better vehicle utilisation overall." 

Chief Executive Officer -  Massar Solutions

"Alongside demonstrating a proven track record, Bynx 'got' what we were trying to do. They had the right software tool, were able to be flexible and offered a managed service. This has helped us create our leasing entity and manage it responsibly when leasing is, in fact, not our core business."

EMEA Regional Fleet Director

"Bynx technology helped our multinational deployment by allowing us to have all countries running off the same platform. State-of-the-art and with a rich, Windows-type client, the fact that it runs on an Oracle database, on a Unix platform, offered a secure, robust and scalable solution for us." 

Information and Communication Technologies Director